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Introducing Seiryu

Who doesn’t love a good shirt?

Now, a good shirt means different things to different people. Here at Polosophia we have investigated all of the elements that should go into a legitimately standout shirt, and came up with the Twin BFFs Seiryu Ice and Seiryu Snow.

We wanted to create something with a familiar shirt silhouette, yet reminiscent of crisp paper, and origami construction: hence self-cut sleeves, extra pleats at the back, and flaps to create more interest in the silhouette – or choose your own.

We added the functionality of the draw string and tie-belt that allows you to tie the flaps in various ways, so you can play to your hearts content, and still wear it to that important meeting. Decidedly oversized, Seiryu offers the tropes of a perfect boyfriend shirt, and thus great for lounging around in the sun and throwing a hint of those festival legs to your crush the morning after. Basically, everything a boyfriend shirt should do, with the added benefit of retaining the feminine touches through delicate sleeves and beautiful materials.

Seiryu Ice is our classic blue version, whereas Seiryu Snow is the subtle white plaid.

Both made of carefully sourced Japanese organic cotton with organic bamboo silk trim, they are real twins BFFs – similar, yet each with its own distinct character. Snow is just a bit more prim and proper, while Ice is slightly more casual and relaxed. Choose the one that suits you best – or get both – and bring your shirt game instantly up.

Your Seiryu Snow available now in our Boutique

xx Pol


Protagonists: Ami wearing Seiryu Ice and Janet wearing Seiryu Snow

Photography: Florian Schadauer

Art Direction: Pol at Polosophia

Head pieces: Clarice at Sweet'n'Twisted

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