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Welcome to Polosophia World

And so, it is official: we have landed. It took its time, but now it’s here. Especially for you, Chapter 1: The Original Protagonist.

The whole thing started with a vague notion, an ethereal vision of a woman in a floaty white dress, and a few words. Eventually, the words formed into sentences, the folds of the dress materialised into the first toile, and so it began.

And now, here we are, set out on our journey to discover what happens next, what will we find out, whom will we meet, what will we wear? I say ‘we’, because I hope that you will continue on this journey with us – we will be honoured if you do. And in our turn we can promise a lot of exciting adventures. Because fashion – just as fiction – just as life – is an adventure. And our mission here at Polosophia is to take you through as many unforgettable and magical moments as possible, to add a little bit more colour to your world, and to bring out your shine a little more.

For the debut collection, we went with the notion of a capsule wardrobe, thinking what does The Original Protagonist wear? She enjoys natural materials and functionality, but also clean design, intelligent construction, and attention to detail. She invests in items, which are timeless and versatile, but also fun and unique. Which is why the structure of the collection is based on iconic, archetypal staples: the coat, the shirt, the slip-dress, trousers. Yet, each item is as unexpected as it is familiar, combining the elements of Eastern dress aesthetics, and Western tailoring, with an overarching minimalist sensibility.

We searched far and wide for the appropriate materials, finally finding what we were looking for: crisp organic cottons, butter-soft natural wool from Japan, and supple organic silks from Germany and the UK. Only the best will do for the Polosophia tribe, and we experimented with the patterns, played with details, and test-wore the garments to make sure everything works and feels just right. The result – shirts, which can be worn as dresses, with reversible collars, lavishly pleated nomadic kimono-coat, extra-comfy lunge-appropriate trousers that can be taken day to night and back, delicate and elegant, and sleek and sexy apron dress…

There is more to come in the following weeks for Chapter 1, so stay tuned!

Our journey has officially commenced on the 7th of September. A magical date, the date of birth of my mom – so obviously a good sign! For our launch, we teamed up with the beautiful space of Jane Packer Flowers, a spot of tranquility and ease at the heart of bustling Marylebone. We wanted to create an atmosphere of a magical garden, and it was just the space! The combination of fresh flowers, retro-futuristic house music our friend Neil aka SAFIWI, natural drinks by Seedlip and Tapped, artisan bakery by Jacques et Lilie, and life illustration session by the talented Megan at MRSCMillo came together to create the perfect backdrop for Polosophia collection: naturally simple and magically effortless.

A big thank you to everyone who came to support us, and a huge shout out to our wonderful TEAM:

Protagonists: Cleopatra, Lauren, Martyna, Mila, Nina, Yaz

Make-up: Theresa McGrath

Hair: Hanna Martin and John Katsikiotis

Music: Neil aka SAFIWI

Illustrations: Megan at MRCSMillo

Photographers: Megan at Nutmeg Photograhy, Federica Tenti, Florian Schadauer

A special thanks to Susan and Akira at Jane Packer Flowers.

The Journal section of this website is your real-time window into the Polosophia World. Here you can find out about our inspirations, behind the scenes, and in general what makes us tick. We want you to know us – and we would love to get to know you, The Original Protagonists, as well!

But also, here we would like to give you more: information about interesting places we see, ideas we have learned about, fresh editorials, previews of what is coming up next. We want this to be a little getaway for you, and have lots of exciting content planned!

If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas, or just would like to say hi, this is the place. We look forward to hearing from you!

Lots of love,

Pol xx

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