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Garments out of a story. Wearable dreams. Polosophia offers a new take on what it means to dress today.


The label takes the idea of storytelling through fashion to its logical conclusion, with collections based on the original Polosophia Chronicles narrative. 

Seasonless and not tied to trends, these are the garments to last. Each collection is a chapter of its own and part of an overarching plot line, tied together to create an intelligent wardrobe of the daring.


The items are created to be as unique and versatile as possible, with carefully considered design elements, which allow for a variety of interpretations from the wearer.

Chapter I: The Original Protagonist delivers witty reinterpretations of classic staples. 

Chapter II: Quantum Oddity offers an alternative vision of wear, with exuberant modular avant garde garments inspired by nature's deep design and life cycles of stars. 

Polosophia garments are made of natural, organic and upcycled materials, in London.

We also offer bespoke design services.

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