Happy October! To celebrate the arrival of autumn, the new Official POLOSOPHIA Chapter 1 : The Original Protagonist Lookbook is here.

The feels are real. Get ready for more action as we have some intensely delicious treats for you later this year! And oh, did someone mention Chapter 2?....

Artwork: Yours truly 

Protagonists: Yuli + Lauren

Photography: Florian

xx Pol

Hanging out with Nicola


Last year we were lucky to meet one of the most colourful personas of London music scene – DJ and producer Nicola Marian Robinson. A DJ with unique disco-infused style, spinning records in the capital’s coolest venues from Chiltern Firehouse to London Fashion Week shows, she is also a musician in her own right, producing sophisticated NuDisco and Afro-Cosmic danceable tunes together with partner Izaak Gray under the act Earthboogie, and finds time to run and curate digital lifestyle guide It’s Rude to Stare, a destination for things most awesome that London has to offer.

Nicola’s vibrant and multifaceted personality and diverse interests translate into her effortless, colourful and irreverent personal style, which we were instantly swooned by. Recently we got a change to hang out in Nic’s studio The Control Room and chat about music, fashion, and life, as she styled some of her favourite Polosophia pieces with the gems from her own wardrobe.

 Nicola is wearing: vintage blue train print top, Polosophia Seiryu sky blue organic cotton trousers

Nicola is wearing: vintage blue train print top, Polosophia Seiryu sky blue organic cotton trousers

Can you please tell us about yourself and what you do?

I’ve been working in music, events and journalism, juggling my passions for the last 10 years. Around four years ago I started a lifestyle guide called It’s Rude To Stare, which is a digital platform showcasing the most innovative openings, people, brands etc. which myself and a ‘RUDE’ team of editors post stories about online and on social media. Alongside my passion for new inspiring activities, I am a mad music lover, making music and DJying across London. Over the last two years my production has resulted in a partnership with Izaak Gray, we formed a new act called Earthboogie. We’ve just had our debut Mr Mystery release on Leng Records (listen here)

How did you start DJing?

During my degree (Psychology and Neuroscience) at Westminster, I used to DJ from my phone/laptops for friends at parties then I saved up for a sound system and decks and then started to teach myself how to play.

What is the sound of your recently launched EP?

We’ve just released my debut on Leng Records. It’s a three track EP. Our music has been described as a mix of tribal, Afro-Cosmic and disco music. We draw on international sounds and artists for all our productions.

What was it like making the record? Where can we listen to and purchase your music?

It’s hard work and expensive but were very passionate about it! We make our music at The Control Room studio (East London Audio). When making our music we are trying not to rely on sampling so we’ve been inviting some incredibly talented musicians and singers into the studio to record with us to create a unique Earthboogie sound bank. 

LISTEN: Soundcloud  Mixcloud Spotify 

BUY: Beatport  Juno Discos  Bookman Itunes 

You studio is very cool. How and where do you find all these amazing objects? How do you manage to tie in all these different elements together in an effortless way?

The Control Room studio is where we produce and make our music so we felt it essential to create the right environment for ourselves to make music and be inspired so nature, color and tranquility were fundamental. We’ve got some incredible items which we have been gifted, a fusion of all our travel purchases in Lagos, India, Asia and family hand me downs! We love our Lightbox ‘Lolly’ neon art sign as well as the queen print by Mr. Brainwash. We’ve also got an amazing painting by Luc Waring of Richie Rich called Money Laundering. Most important is that what surrounds us inspires us! The renovation of the space from squat to its current state took a solid three months, I remember having blue paint in my hair when I was DJying ERDEMS LFW party!

As a DJ with gigs in some of the most exciting venues in London, you need to maintain a certain image, yet stay comfortable. How do you find a balance between the two?

I find balance through meditation, reformer pilates and yoga. Sometimes your schedule is just bonkers so diet is also really important!

You have a unique, sophisticated style, which draws on vintage influences, yet manage to look modern and relevant. Where does your sense of style originate, and what are your main inspirations?

I’ve got one of those faces, which everything I wear look retro haha, either 40’s, 50’s or 60’s! It’s funny so I try to make my looks more modern by working with designers who make bespoke items for myself. I’ve worked with Fuud London, Velsvoir & Bill & Mar in the past. I love African colors with the simplicity of Japanese style. I don’t have one main influence but I travel a lot so I see people and culture and that inspires me the most!

How often and where do you shop, and what do you look for when shopping?

I shop at Modern Society and various concept stores in London but have been sticking very much to sample sales and independent designers to try and support the industry. Strut off Broadway market is cool too! I’m very spontaneous with my finds, whatever comes my way!

I’ve been going to a really cool event called Bitch and Swap where you swap and giveaway clothes your bored of and then get gifted other new items. You have a healing evening with girls and come home with a whole new wardrobe :)

 Nicola is wearing: Velsvoir bespoke black top, Polosophia Ivy black wool trousers

Nicola is wearing: Velsvoir bespoke black top, Polosophia Ivy black wool trousers

What are your favourite Polosophia pieces, and how would you style them?

My fave items are the Ivy Trousers in black, the material is so light and floaty, it’s the perfect wardrobe filler! I’m also a massive fan of the baby blue Seiryu Trousers for a splash of color. I’ve also been very drawn to the reversible Moor Coat, it’s so adaptive and you can wear it with many looks! It makes me feel like you’re a fairy in the woods!

Any advice to our readers on how to find and develop your own unique style?

I honestly have to say that style is very much linked with ego and psychology! My advice would be to go simple each season and decide on a look which you like and just do that fully, embrace what you are drawn to and don’t allow your fears of self expression to stop you. Box up what you’re not into that season and then review it the following! I change my wardrobe colors all the time, I just love Blue and yellow at the moment! I also try not to look at too many different mag’s, just the occasional browse, it allows you to be unique and not copy! Some times I just get lost in Pinterest and get style inspiration from there – there are so many resources available to us, we're very lucky!

 Nicola is wearing: Polosophia Ash cape-coat

Nicola is wearing: Polosophia Ash cape-coat


Protagonist: Nicola Marian Robinson

Text and Photography: Pol 

Essential Links:

Nicola:  Soundcloud Mixcloud Instagram Facebook

Earthboogie: Soundcloud Mixcloud Spotify Instagram  Facebook  Twitter 

The Control Room: Facebook 



Welcome to summer! 

Time to wear breezy dresses, day-tripping appropriate organic cotton trousers and shirts, and flowy capes that are oh-so instagrammable and will get you in festival mood in no time. May the adventures begin!

xx Pol



Protagonists: Rebekka + Patrizia

Rebekka wears Seiryu Snow Shirt, Seiryu Trousers and Ash Cape Coat (available soon!)

Patrizia wears Amsonia Tent Dress and Moor Coat

Lense: Florian

Concept + Art Direction: Pol


Lovelies! Do we feel it? We do!

Here, from us to you, fuzzywarm hugs in shape a mid-February playlist to get them butterflies going, and inspire the transition into spring. Because music is a synonym of love, bruh.

We love you! Dearly, and daily 💖 🐾

xx Pol



Hi people! We are proud to present to you what we have been preoccupied with for the last few months: the first Polosophia artist collaboration.

Not often do you encounter a creative mind so wholesome and unique that you instantly buy into their vision. One of such rare souls is a young woman we were lucky to meet earlier last year, an emerging artist whose music, both uplifting and reflective, is marked by uncompromising creativity and timeless elegance, while at the same time being super-relevant to now. And if that is not a recipe for something amazing, what is?

Polosophia are pleased to introduce Saphira: a semi-mythical being, who has travelled from a faraway planet to grace us with her art. The first time we met Saphira, we were swayed by the vision she has for her stage persona and her concept at large. Saphira’s well-versed world, dreamy and mysterious, is brought to life through the means of music. This is something that we at Polosophia understand and appreciate – the magic of storytelling at its finest.

And when we were lucky to design a few bespoke garments to help her vision fully come to life, it was really exciting, so we instantly jumped on board.

Please enjoy the results!

We talked to Saphira about her life and art.

Tell us more about yourself and your background.

My name is Sara. I am twenty-one. My parents are Lithuanian and I lived in the South of France until moving to London two and a half years ago. I studied for a BA in Songwriting at the ICMP (The Institute of Contemporary Music and Performance) for a year and a half, and then decided to drop out to spend more time on my artistic project. The first year was very beneficial. It gave me the chance to experiment with different genres of music, improve my understanding of musicology, and practice my songwriting skills – and, ultimately, find out what I wanted to do with my music. It is during this first year that I truly started to imagine and shape Saphira.


Your alter ego idea of Saphira is fascinating. What inspired you to create this character, and to what extend do you feel Saphira is you?

I think you are who you think you are and who you pretend to be. Gaga, Bjork and Bush inspired me to re-invent myself – create an alter ego. I love their theatricalness! So, I decided to take back control and shape my own identity. I think identity is something consciously and unconsciously constructed. Also, I have fun living life as if it was a daily performance. Saphira is the self that I imagined to experience freedom from my human identity. I think the reason why I invented her is also to reflect on my emotions and thoughts from a distance. To find out what being human means from a non-human eye.


How do you describe your music? What do you want people to think and feel when they listen to Saphira?

Experimental. I try to always remember this quote that I wrote on my bedroom wall with a thick black marker: “Creativity comes from the freedom to fail.” It is again about freeing myself from barriers that I have built in my mind. I have fun opening the gates and bearing my heart, whenever I’m brave enough. In music, through vocals or instrumentation I like to play with tension and harmony. I intend to move people from uncomfortable places to blissful ecstatic realms. Maybe not even realms. Maybe it isn’t about traveling somewhere elsewhere. But it is about making the audience feel one with the moment. I want to make them feel alive.


What are the cornerstones of your world as an artist and performer?

Saphira is a nymph, a half human half imaginary creature. She has the power to get in touch with her deeper feelings and seek for insights. I want her to be vulnerable because I associate it with strength. She is ethereal and rock’n’roll – free from human expectations – a curious soul who explores the meanings of love, identity, spirituality, the fear of death, and the beauty of being alive. Or translate observations of the modern chaos - problematics - as addiction, consumerism, depression, the place of nature and its relationship with humanity, or what it means to be a woman. I want her to be playful and as real as she can be. Authentic to my secret inner child.

What is your ultimate goal as an artist?

My ultimate goal as an artist is to make good art. And achieve satisfaction from materializing my ideas into something that would resemble my imagination, from music production to stage performances. And to have fun with it.


What is your personal style like? Is the sense of self-representation through clothes important?

I like airy, elegant and extravagant clothing (artistry). I want it to be meaningful. I want to use clothing as the expression of an opinion or feeling. I think fashion gives you the power of modelling your identity. I change styling everyday. I go through natural looks which implies wearing no make up with my mum’s long hippie skirts, to bearing a rock’n’roll fake leather jacket with a red vivid lipstick, or decide to wear nothing more than a long vintage black dress form the 90s. I have loads of fun with reinventing myself everyday depending on my mood and motivation. I have been enjoying fashion in this way since my early teens. One thing has changed though. I used to wear enormous high heels and very short skirts - uncomfortable clothes. Now I can’t stand to be uncomfortable, I feel restricted. I want my clothing to set my body free, to empower me. To enhance my graceful moves and give me the freedom to jump! I want to be like Gaga and Bjork and use fashion as Art. As an expression of a thought or a feeling - a poem - that works with the delivering of the song - the performance.


Tell us more about your shopping habits. How do they reflect your values?

I turned vegan about two years ago so I don’t buy any leather or fur (animal skin) and only wear vegan/cruelty free make up. I also decided to stop or drastically lower my shopping a couple of years ago for ethical reasons. I don’t agree with the way most of the fashion brands produce. They pollute and torture. They have no respect for nature, animals, or people. They are blinded by a misleading philosophy that money is success and nothing else matters. They create clothing that don’t last in countries where they exploit their workers or built factories that collapse and kill thousands of people. Or simply don’t pay taxes. Anyway, I realized I had more than enough clothes and allow myself to only buy vintage clothing or work with fashion designers like I did with Polosophia. She created outstanding outfits that brought Saphira into existence.


Your artistry and your off-stage persona appear to be very interwoven and coherent. How important is it for an artist to practice what they preach?

I think there are so many different ways to make art. I usually have several ideas regarding which direction I might shift the song towards. And then I just spend time thinking about it. I don’t only write a song and the melody but I also think about how I could illustrate it. It comes very naturally as I see images or have ideas for performances as I am writing the song. I think I am more of performer than anything else, actually. I admit that I want to make sense as every song I write expresses something important to me. Also, there is no such a thing as wrong if you have spent time thinking about it. It adds a deeper meaning. It is not only beautiful artistry but it becomes thoughtful artistry. But, again, there are so many different ways to make sense. This is what I love about Art in general. It never ends. Once you dive into limitless imagination you realize how much you can create. It’s infinite and so much fun!


What did you want to achieve with the Polosophia collaboration, and do you feel we managed to achieve it?

I had been trying to find someone to collaborate with on creating mind-blowing outfits for about a year on and off. So when I met Polina I just felt like the universe had heard my prayers and offered me the chance to make my dream come true! I never felt comfortable with being human while performing as Saphira. So what I expected from this collaboration was to bring the nymph into existence through thoughtful and beautiful clothing. So we met up, and something clicked straight away! She was as excited as I was and it just carried on being that way. I think it couldn’t have gone any better. She literally made me a whole little wardrobe for my persona! And her creations have also inspired me. The colors she used for the « soul » dress are shades of orange, pink and beige just like the sunset! So this gave me a new idea on how Saphira enters the earth. Also the flowery collar piece inspired me with a concept for a song. The flowers would represent the beautiful thoughts that my mind has been filled up by a gentle loving man. I couldn’t expect much more! And I finally have the assets to bring Saphira to existing!


What can we look forward to from Saphira next?

I met a producer about a month ago and we have already started to work on one song and will make an EP or maybe an album together. I have all these drafts of songs that need to exist. I’m so very impatient about finishing as I have been working on this project for a couple of years now. I am currently working on a video clip for one of my song called « Kill The Doll ». It is actually a very successful co-write I did with a friend while I was studying at university. I am intending to perform my songs in acoustic as well while the EP is getting recorded. And take some short interludes of bits of songs I already have. Also I have planned to take a few dance classes to choreograph the nymph dance. I have a few projects in mind. This is just how I work. I can’t do one thing at the time. I multitask. I emerge myself in many things at once which means it takes more time to finish. I am very happy because I can finally see that bits by bits my project is coming to existence. And one day, perhaps, the playful torture will be over as everything will be done. But I guess I will never stop going for more!


Isn’t she just wonderful? Don’t forget to check out more of her art, and keep your eyes open for Saphira, because we have this feeling she is the one to watch!

Saphira on Soundcloud 

Saphira on Facebook

xx Pol



Protagonist: Sara aka Saphira

Photography: Pol @ Polosophia

Outfits: Polosophia for Saphira

Styling: Pol @ Polosophia and Saphira


MNML Swan Lake

It's almost here. The trees are pretty, the gifts are wrapped, the Brussels sprouts are steaming, and those festive outfits are laid out. Delightful.

And so, in the spirit of the season, here is a Christmas present from us to you: our own frosty, minimalist and deconstructed take on Swan Lake.

Starring the ever so stylish duo Grace as Odette + Ryan (remember him?) as Von Rothbart. Intricate and elegant, just as expected from the always-of-point duo. Check them out on Instagram -- you will have an even more delightful Christmas.

Best savoured on the rocks of a crispy winter morning,  accompanied by our tangy sugar&spice new playlist.



Grace in Seiryu Haute Pyjama Set = Seiryu Ice Shirt + Seiryu Trousers

Ryan in Ivy Set = Ivy Jacket + Ivy Skirt

Photography: Florian

Art Direction: Pol

Polosophia 23-10-2016-12.jpg
Polosophia 23-10-2016-2.jpg
Polosophia 23-10-2016-13.jpg
Polosophia 23-10-2016-10.jpg
Polosophia 23-10-2016-11.jpg
Polosophia 23-10-2016-3.jpg
Polosophia 23-10-2016-7.jpg
Polosophia 23-10-2016-4.jpg
Polosophia 23-10-2016-5.jpg
Polosophia 23-10-2016-6.jpg
Polosophia 23-10-2016-8.jpg
Polosophia 23-10-2016-9.jpg

We have plenty more surprises for you next year, including Polosophia World insights, exciting collaborations, sustainability tips and much more. As perplexing as 2016 was, it has set us off to a pretty good start, and 2017 is going to be truly awesome. And we are so very happy to have you on this journey with us! 

From Polosophia team, we wish you a very magical Christmas, and a sustainably happy New Year!

See you in 2017 


xx Pol


Follow Us into Mystery Woods

Polosophia 23-10-2016-1.jpg

As the autumnal darkness creeps up, we give you a little present: some utterly magical and appropriately eerie Halloween inspiration.

Please enjoy the new editorial and the new playlist!

xx Pol



Lauren in Ivy Trousers and P.S. by Polosophia upcycled and remade bespoke babydoll dress

Yaz in Artemisia ADSeiryu Snow Shirt and Moor Coat

Mila in Amsonia Dress and handmade kitten ears

Make-up: Theresa at Maegan's Make-up

Photography: Florian Schadauer and analogue shots by Pol

Art Direction: Pol at Polosophia



Hanging Out with Ryan

Ryan 1

Over the weekend we were lucky to mark the beginning of October with welcoming into Polosophia tribe a new friend – a fellow fashion lover Ryan, whose impeccable taste and daring style caught our eye on Instagram. Check out his excellently curated personal style feed here.

Ryan is a fashion writer, and a collector of deconstructed, monochromatic, gender-bending, head-turning fashion pieces. He even does shopping for his gorgeous ballerina girlfriend! Now, that’s the Polosophia kind of guy.

 So on Sunday, armed with flat whites and sunshine, we went to hang out with Ryan, curious to see how he would work our Moor coat into his signature Jack Sparrow does Rick Owens look. He did an excellent job at that – full report below.

Ryan 3
Ryan 2

We asked Ryan about his style inspirations. 

Tell us about yourself: what is your background, and what do you do?

Two of my biggest passions are fashion and writing, and so I'm absolutely blessed to be able to call myself a fashion writer. I currently work for a women's clothing brand called Nobody's Child, which seeks to bridge the gap between ethical manufacturing and affordability.

How and when did you get into fashion?

I studied creative writing at university, and developed a passion for the dandyism of the nineteenth century. From Huysmans to Zola to Wilde, there was always a strong emphasis on personal aesthetic. It resonated with me, and in turn, I started to take an interest in fashion. However, upon graduating, I began a career in a completely different field of work, and soon realised I would never be satisfied unless I pursued my passion. So I enrolled on an internship in Mayfair, working for a jewellery PR brand, and developed my skills with various agencies until I was confident enough to look for a full time writing position in fashion.

You have a truly unique style. What are your style inspirations and role models?

My role models are as follows: Johnny Depp for his commitment to the creation of character, Oscar Wilde for his unrivalled wit and dexterity with language, Prince for his absolutely disregard for limitation or societal expectation and Audrey Hepburn for her eternal grace. 

Ryan 6
Ryan 5

What do you look for when shopping? How often do you upgrade the wardrobe?

My wardrobe is under one permanent state of revision, reflection and consideration, and I am always on the lookout for the next interesting addition to it. I collect clothes like a man might collect books or wine. It's a real passion of mine and I like nothing better than to frequent my favourite clothing shops during my spare time.

What are your favourite brands, and how do you find new brands?

In terms of fashion designers, I closely follow the work of Rick Owens, Yohji Yamamoto and more recently, Craig Green. They blend fashion with art. As for the discovery of new brands, both Pinterest and Instagram are a godsend. By following likeminded people, I am constantly discovering budding designers and upcoming labels.

Does your interest in literature inform your style choices, and if so, how? Any other cultural influences you can think of?

Once upon a time, literature definitely had a strong impact on my style choices. As previously mentioned, I was drawn to the Victorian dandy, and so went through a period in which I dressed in vintage wear; cravats, waistcoats, top hats... that sort of thing. I've since adopted a far more avant-garde aesthetic, blending oriental silhouettes with contemporary styling. 

Ryan 7
Ryan 8

What is your go-to outfit, and what do you think is a must in any man’s wardrobe?

I primarily wear black, contrasted with white. It promises a striking statement, whatever you wear, whether it's culottes and a kimono, or skinny jeans and a tee.

As for what every man should own, a well fitted black leather jacket. No matter how simplistic the top and trousers, it always provides an edge.

What is the one item you cannot imagine your life without?

I can't think of an object that I would hold so dearly. I do, however, absolutely love my new Cinzia Araia boots...

Does your style reflect your personality, and how?

Without doubt. I've always rebelled against conformity. First, it was growing long hair in a town where that alone could cause a dispute. Next, it was wearing eyeliner. From there, I simply developed a need for individuality. For me, style is not only a form of self expression, but a form of art.

Is there a person you would swap your wardrobe with?

No. It's an extremely personal collection of clothing which has grown and developed alongside me. There are undoubtedly others with a more prestigious wardrobe, but the pieces wouldn't hold the same emotional attachment for me. 

Ryan 9
Ryan 8

Any advice to those who are looking to develop and create their own unique and consistent style?

Constantly experiment. As with anything, you won't get it right first off. It is something you hone and develop.

And never take heed of those who would seek to ridicule or put you down. They are only ever envious that they haven't the creativity themselves to do the same.

What is currently on your reading/listening/watching list?

Over the weekend, I watched a film called the Riot Club, which I've been recommending to everyone ever since. It's currently on Netflix, so if you find yourself at a loose end one evening, I urge you to consider it. But prepare to be shocked...

Anything you’d like to add?

As Wilde once proclaimed, "there is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about."



Protagonist + Style: Ryan Hill

Photography: Florian Schadauer

x Polx

Introducing Seiryu


Who doesn’t love a good shirt?

Now, a good shirt means different things to different people. Here at Polosophia we have investigated all of the elements that should go into a legitimately standout shirt, and came up with the Twin BFFs Seiryu Ice and Seiryu Snow.

We wanted to create something with a familiar shirt silhouette, yet reminiscent of crisp paper, and origami construction: hence self-cut sleeves, extra pleats at the back, and flaps to create more interest in the silhouette – or choose your own.


We added functionality of the draw string and tie-belt that allows you to tie the flaps in various ways, so you can play to your hearts content, and still wear it to that important meeting. Decidedly oversized, Seiryu offers the tropes of a perfect boyfriend shirt, and thus great for lounging around in the sun and throwing a hint of those festival legs to your crush the morning after. Basically, everything a boyfriend shirt should do, with the added benefit of retaining the feminine touches through delicate sleeves and beautiful materials.


Seiryu Ice is our classic blue version, whereas Seiryu Snow is the subtle white plaid.

Both made of carefully sourced Japanese organic cotton with organic bamboo silk trim, they are real twins BFFs – similar, yet each with its own distinct character. Snow is just a bit more prim and proper, while Ice is slightly more casual and relaxed. Choose the one that suits you best – or get both – and bring your shirt game instantly up.

Your Seiryu Snow available now in our Boutique

xx Pol


Protagonists: Ami wearing Seiryu Ice and Janet  wearing Seiryu Snow

Photography: Florian Schadauer

Art Direction: Pol at Polosophia

Head pieces: Clarice at Sweet'n'Twisted


Welcome to Polosophia World


And so, it is official: we have landed. It took its time, but now it’s here. Especially for you, Chapter 1: The Original Protagonist.

The whole thing started with a vague notion, an ethereal vision of a woman in a floaty white dress, and a few words. Eventually, the words formed into sentences, the folds of the dress materialised into the first toile, and so it began.

And now, here we are, set out on our journey to discover what happens next, what will we find out, whom will we meet, what will we wear? I say ‘we’, because I hope that you will continue on this journey with us – we will be honoured if you do. And in our turn we can promise a lot of exciting adventures. Because fashion – just as fiction – just as life – is an adventure. And our mission here at Polosophia is to take you through as many unforgettable and magical moments as possible, to add a little bit more colour to your world, and to bring out your shine a little more.

For the debut collection, we went with the notion of a capsule wardrobe, thinking what does The Original Protagonist wear? She enjoys natural materials and functionality, but also clean design, intelligent construction, and attention to detail. She invests in items, which are timeless and versatile, but also fun and unique. Which is why the structure of the collection is based on iconic, archetypal staples: the coat, the shirt, the slip-dress, trousers. Yet, each item is as unexpected as it is familiar, combining the elements of Eastern dress aesthetics, and Western tailoring, with an overarching minimalist sensibility.

We searched far and wide for the appropriate materials, finally finding what we were looking for: crisp organic cottons, butter-soft natural wool from Japan, and supple organic silks from Germany and the UK. Only the best will do for the Polosophia tribe, and we experimented with the patterns, played with details, and test-wore the garments to make sure everything works and feels just right. The result – shirts, which can be worn as dresses, with reversible collars, lavishly pleated nomadic kimono-coat, extra-comfy lunge-appropriate trousers that can be taken day to night and back, delicate and elegant, and sleek and sexy apron dress…

There is more to come in the following weeks for Chapter 1, so stay tuned!

Our journey has officially commenced on the 7th of September. A magical date, the date of birth of my mom – so obviously a good sign! For our launch, we teamed up with the beautiful space of Jane Packer Flowers, a spot of tranquility and ease at the heart of bustling Marylebone. We wanted to create an atmosphere of a magical garden, and it was just the space! The combination of fresh flowers, retro-futuristic house music our friend Neil aka SAFIWI, natural drinks by Seedlip and Tapped, artisan bakery by Jacques et Lilie, and life illustration session by the talented Megan at MRSCMillo came together to create the perfect backdrop for Polosophia collection: naturally simple and magically effortless.

A big thank you to everyone who came to support us, and a huge shout out to our wonderful team:

Protagonists: Cleopatra, Lauren, Martyna, Mila, NinaYaz

Make-up: Theresa McGrath

Hair: Hanna Martin and John Katsikiotis

Music: Neil aka SAFIWI

Illustrations: Megan at MRCSMillo

Photographers: Megan at Nutmeg Photograhy, Federica Tenti, Florian Schadauer

A special thanks to Susan and Akira at Jane Packer Flowers

The Journal section of this website is your real-time window into the Polosophia World. Here you can find out about our inspirations, behind the scenes, and in general what makes us tick. We want you to know us – and we would love to get to know you, The Original Protagonists, as well!

But also, here we would like to give you more: information about interesting places we see, ideas we have learned about, fresh editorials, previews of what is coming up next. We want this to be a little getaway for you, and have lots of exciting content planned!

If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas, or just would like to say hi, this is the place. We look forward to hearing from you!

Lots of love,

Pol xx