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World's first story-based fashion label

Garments out of a story. Wearable dreams.

Launched in 2016, Polosophia offers a new take on what it means to dress today.

Seasonless and not tied to trends, these are the garments to last. Each collection is a chapter of its own and part of an overarching plotline, tied together to create an intelligent capsule wardrobe of the daring, delivering witty reinterpretations of classic staples.

The items are created to be as unique and versatile as possible, with carefully considered design elements, which allow for a variety of interpretations from the wearer.

Polosophia garments are made of natural and, where feasible, organic materials, and are designed and sustainably made in London.




For general inquiries, collaborations or to say 'Hi', e-mail  info@polosophia.com 

For any sales related inquiries, e-mail shop@polosophia.com

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